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flying fireworks by Treacly flying fireworks by Treacly
Deformed chin!!!! DDDDD;
Realistic style ish... BWAAHHH! :faint: :noes:
I... tried! :shakefist: This was only my first real attempt. 8D
I must stay encouraged! I will prevail! Surely I'll only get better with time. :la:

So stay tuned! <33 :rose:
OH! And this is my char 'Akira'. ;)
You can see my earlier drawing of him in my gallery.

I used this stock photo~ [link]
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Charlotte-DG Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010  Student Filmographer
Don't you say you're not good at realistic art! There might be a few flaws here and there, but this is beauuuuuuutiful! :love: I really really liek it so far! Especially the colouring and the eeeeyyyyyesss. They're so dreamy. :faint:
AmyVarens Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010
niiiice! =D i love the lightning effects and the expression on his face =)
Treacly Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hola! >X3
My gracious >//< That means a bunch! :la: Thank you! :D :heart:
AmyVarens Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
Caroline-DG Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010  Student Filmographer!!:jawdrop: :iconwaahhplz: Eve, you're very good at realistic style! I didn't know that! :XD:
The chin may look a bit weird but for a first try this is soooooo beautiful! :wow: I looove the eyes.:love: :faint: Oh my god, I can't wait to see even moooore realistic drawings from the Eveeees!:woohoo: ;P
Treacly Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
A overwhelming happiness compels mehhhh! :icongrin--plz: :iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz: :tighthug:
I wanted to just as good as y'all are at drawing realistically! :excited: :glomp:
And I've been wanting to draw in a realistic way for a loooooong time. :thanks: :la:
This is my first try at doing it seriously. :woohoo:
Awwwww! *gives you supremely big hug* :huggle:
His big blue eyes are so pretty! :love: I'm about to tear up! :happycry:
Hearing you say that is just sooooooooooooooo amazing! :boogie:
I agree with you! I can't wait to see more of these type of drawings! :D
Caroline-DG Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Student Filmographer
Well I'm not that good at realistic art ya know? ^^; In fact, I even suck at drawing realisticly.:XD: Not so long ago, I wanted to make my characters look more realistic but they just came out very very ugly every time I drew them. D: So I decided to go back to a bit more cartoony-ish style and nowww my OCs look much better when I draw them. :D :lol: Though I'm not entirely happy with my drawing style yet. :hmm: I still need to improooove a loooot! :faint:

And you have succeeded!! :iconyeahplz: It came out so beautiful.:nod: :love:
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August 22, 2010
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